Fashion. And my first True Love.

It all began in 2006. After graduating from Uni in ’05, I moved a year later from Hobart to Sydney (bright lights, big smoke, new ME!), working as a legal recruiter. A few months into my new gig, my first ever bonus. From memory it was about four grand. And for a 23 year old used to making peanuts, I thought all my Christmases and birthdays had come at once. I paid my credit card debt, (moving was expensive..), was thinking I’d bank the rest, when is dawned on me. My first guilt free chance to shop.

I’d always been a lover of fashion, a lover of sales, and liked looking different from the regular uni/work girl (I went through a phase my girlfriends still tease me about, wearing around 4 necklaces at once, I thought the layering and play with colours interesting… maybe not my best fashion choice). But my decision to move out of home when I was 18 meant most of my cash was spent on rent, food, play. Not so much left over for indulgence, other than the requisite Vogue and a wishlist as laughable as my chances of making their pages as a model (I’m 5’3” on a big hair day.). I still managed a couple trips to the fashion mecca (in my mind) Sydney in my uni days (Wayne Cooper sale with $50 white silk trousers… never regretted that decision!), but had never been in a position to drop serious cash on one buy.

I loved to spend my weekends ambling down Crown Street, Oxford Street, dropping in and out of the eclectic mix of shops, staring dreamily in the windows of Belinda’s and Collette Dinnigan (I adore her and the day she retired her line was a sad day for the Aussie fashion industry). Touching the fabrics. Just a little bit. Not spending too long in the shops as I felt like an imposter and at any moment the jig would be up and someone would sending me packing “You don’t belong here you broke ninny”.

But suddenly, with my big fat bonus banked, I had a chance to hand over a debit rather than credit card. I DID belong. Money talks.

So instead of doing what most girls would do, buy a pair of Louboutins (they would come later), a Prada or Chanel handbag. I bought a pair of Marc Jacobs pumps.

Marc Jacobs was my first true (fashion) love. I felt that he as a designer, honestly understood where I was coming from in my fashion choices (I loved colour, making a statement. Black was not yet a part of my wardrobe). He took risks, he embraced colour, androgyny, his clothing wasn’t too sexy for a short 23 year old with tomboyish leanings. He GOT me. So, my first big fashion buy was a pair of MJ pumps. They were bright orange pair with green details and cream suede accents. Of course. And I loved them. And still do.

My Neo Life



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  1. Sorry. Was typing a bit too quickly on my phone. I meant to say love these shoes! Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post 🙂


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