My Café Life

Back when I was working, I always picked up a coffee on the way to work. The morning ritual. Flat white, large, no sugar. Without my coffee in my hand the day seem to start all wrong. With it, my day seemed to calibrate nicely. Mild disappointment would always set in when the coffee was over. Work began.

After Xavier was born, my morning ritual continued. But instead of a grab and dash coffee, it became an event. A day starter. A bonding experience for me and my little guy. A way to start our day. Xavier and I used to head to our local café (West End Deli, best café in Perth if any reader is ever there!). We would sit with our coffee, cino, sometimes baguette and avocado, sometimes crumpet and I would talk to him. He would play with his toys. Other locals from our area would pop in and out. We made friends with a lot of our neighbours. As he got older, we started colouring together, playing games, having proper conversations. It became less about Mumma sating her need for a coffee, and more about special time with my little guy (added bonus: it wasn’t at a play gym or the park, but somewhere I wanted to be too!). Don’t get me wrong, some days, I would just head out by myself and sit at the café on my own. Because I needed to. A coffee by myself. I’d go before my husband left for work and just enjoy reading the newspaper uninterrupted (or after a particularly sleepless night with Xavier, just start blankly at the pages clutching my coffee!).

Following the arrival of Marcel and our move to Singapore, our morning ritual changed. In the early days, I would take both boys, Marcel napping in the pram. Or I would head out and grab a takeaway. The cafes were no longer a walk from our place. But shortly after we moved, Xavier started preschool in the mornings. This was now Mumma and Marcel’s special time. We would and still drop Xavier at his school and drive to one of a few cafes. We order flat white, sometimes a croissant, sometimes (too regularly!) pancakes. Marcel makes friends with the barista. We pop by the wet markets on the way to the car, pick up some fruit and sometimes flowers.

Each parent will find their own way to bond with their children, some in, I’m sure, much more meaningful ways then me and my café kids. But I love that my morning ritual involves them. That we can have our special time in an adult setting. That they (for kids!) are very well behaved in restaurants and cafes because of it.

My Neo Life




  1. I love how the simplest rituals can take on so much meaning. 🙂 Great blog!


    1. So true! Thank you!


  2. tamaclagan

    Love all your pictures!


  3. Thank you for dropping by my blog.


  4. Thank you for following my blog!


  5. Great idea to bond with kids 🙂


  6. Nice article – so true. My daughter, who is five months old, and I have a morning ritual of doing morning “baby yoga.” It consists of about three positions, including standing baby (with assist), sitting baby, and sleeping baby … but she likes it 😃


    1. Its the small things, right? My three yr old and I go to a yoga class together once a week – mostly me doing yoga, him playing with his toys, but he has mastered downward dog and warrior 1!

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  7. Coffee is a must for me… I do have kids. 2 boys…. our bonding also involves a trip to some coffee shops. love your post! ^^


  8. When you say, “I’m sure, much more meaningful ways then me and my café kids”, I would argue that. Look at the photo with your son, and tell me that there is any less meaning in that one photo than another persons child. You are building memories that will last a lifetime and you can see that in the gentleness of the eyes and hands as he sips his drink with one of his two super hero’s. The photo will be a song that warms your heart as a mother!


    1. A good reminder, thank you!

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