My Tasmanian home.

We just returned to Singapore from our holiday, a friend’s wedding in Tasmania. My family moved to Tassie from Blue Mountains NSW when I was 13. They live in the Huon Valley (south of Hobart where all the apple and cherry orchards are found). I spent high school and uni there. And every time I go home to visit my Mum and Dad, my family and my oldest and dearest friends, I remember why I love it so much.

Its one of those places where you know everyone (or they know your sister, or your mum or your friends…). Even though it has been 10 years since I left and moved to Sydney, I still go home and can’t walk down the street without seeing someone I know (the downside of this – you can’t leave the house without looking decent, you’ll run into someone you haven’t seen in 10 years!).

Xaiver and Marcel have the time of their lives when we visit my mum and dads place. There are places to run and jump and hide. A swing. Animals. Nana and Pa. Great Granny (Gigi), lives next door and always has presents for both of them. Aunties and Uncles to amuse them (and give Mum and Dad a bit of a break!) The river is only a few hundred metres away with beautiful scenery. The weather is usually cool, a welcome change from Singapore’s sticky, unchanging humidity. We can head further south to the Tahune Airwalk (treetop walk overlooking the Huon River). We eat like kings. We can visit the Bonorong Wildlife Park and feed the wallabies. MONA Winery and Museum (where we were for my friend’s wedding) is only a short drive or ferry from Hobart. We are guilty of not showing the boys more of Tassie when we are there (Freycinet, Cradle Mountain, Bruny Island, etc etc), but find that with all the people to see we usually run out of time. But there is always the next trip (only 4 weeks away this time, back for my sister’s wedding!).

Seeing friends from home at home is also just the best. You reminisce about old times. Give each other crap the way you always did. Notice how some have stayed the same, others have changed, but you are still close, you have history, you know they are people who will be in your life forever.

My Neo Life




  1. OMG, you lived in Tazzy? I love it there!! Had a truly awesome time at the Taste of Tas Festival a few years back. What a vibe! Great place.
    EJ x

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    1. That’s my favorite time of year to head home for a visit! The Taste is the best time of year to be in Hobart. Glad you liked it there!

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