A Wedding.

We just returned from a week long wedding festivus in Tasmania. My sister and best friend Jenny married the guy she should, Ben, in an intimate, emotional and laughter filled ceremony in Franklin, Tasmania. I was lucky enough to be the Maid of Honour on their extraordinary day.

Weddings are such a special occasion. Family come together who haven’t spoken or seen each other in years. Friends move the world to make it there, travelling distances, taking leave when they have none, bringing kiddos in tow. You get to dress said kiddos in ridiculously cute outfits (hence today’s featured image of Xavier!). People surprise you with their generosity, their love and the lengths they will go to help you and those dearest to you.

There are some great stories I could tell from the day (and the night before) the wedding, but in the end I really just wanted to publish the speech I gave for my sister.


My Sister

When Jen asked me to make a speech at her wedding, I immediately started thinking about all the stories I could tell, of us growing up together, our travels, our big crazy family. But the more I thought about it, the less I wanted to get up here and tell you any embarrassing or funny tales from our childhood , or the last few years. I really just want to take this time, quite possibly the only opportunity I will have in front of the 150 or so people who mean the most to her, to tell Jen and you all why I love my sister.

I love my sister because she is the kindest person I know. Her main concern in life is caring for the feeling of others. Whenever a friend or family member is in any form of crisis she puts her own needs to one side to be there for them.

She is humble about her accomplishments and proud of others achievements.

She knows what she believes and will stand by her convictions, while respecting the views of others

She can be ridiculously funny and doesn’t realise it.

She is generous. With her time, advice and love.

She will take time off work to visit me and spend her holiday keeping a sick child entertained by singing in an unintended Norwegian accent.

She is the Geelong Cats most passionate supporter.

She is the most loving person I know.

I love my sister because she married a smart, interesting, fun and generous guy, who I am now proud to call my brother in law.

Jen, I am honoured to call myself your sister, and more importantly, your best friend.

Love you Jeffy Weez

My Neo Life




  1. Martin Hunt

    Hey Ange – that is a beautiful. You have described jen&Ben exactly as we know them.

    PS Like your site!



    1. Thank you! Was lovely to see you there x


  2. Beautiful speech, your love for your sister really comes across. I gave the worst wedding speech ever at my best friend’s wedding last year, where I somehow managed to insult the bride and groom! Fortunately they know me well enough to know it was coming from a place of love, shame that wasn’t applicable for the rest of the guests!


    1. Thanks Pottsy! It was a truly magical day!

      Liked by 1 person

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