My Clue-less Goat

The best thing happened today. We stumbled across a new café, The Clue-Less Goat, within walking distance to our condo. Since moving to Singapore, I have struggled to find any good coffee close by. The best I’ve managed is a 5-10 drive away. But all this has changed following our glorious discovery today.

This little café is nestled on the Thompson Road side of a nondescript shopping complex. You can park your bikes or prams right outside. They have highchairs and make a yummy Xavier-approved baby cino. They were happy to substitute poached for scrambled eggs for me (surprisingly, so many places in Singapore won’t do this for me). The barista gave Xavier extra marshmallows on request. The staff were friendly. The coffee was good. Very good. The food was good, but not great. Toast with jam and butter. Waffles with ham, fried egg and maple syrup. Smashed avocado with scrambled eggs and salsa. But for $35.00 for 3 breakfasts and drinks, great value.

So if you live in the Newton/Novena area, good news. There is FINALLY a good, family friendly coffee shop in our locale.

The Clue-Less Goat

189 Thompson Road

Singapore 307631

Open 6 days

Tues-Fri from 8.00am

Sat-Sun from 9.00am

Check it out.

My Neo Life




  1. I was thinking of checking this cafe out either this or next week! Now there’s an even greater incentive to do so haha, thanks to you! What coffees did you get? 🙂


    1. I hope you like it there too! I’m always a flat white 🙂

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  2. This looks SO cute! If I’m ever in Singapore (doubtful) I’ll have to check it out!

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  3. It is always inviting to find such establishment when living overseas. Your photo is so inviting, as a coffee shop should be. Truly a catch of the month. Congratulations on your golden find. Enjoy!

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  4. Glad you found a welcoming place
    Curious name… Goats for the most part seem quite sharp
    I wonder what the story is behind the name…
    Who was this goat?
    Wishing you all good things


    1. Apparently the name is to pay homage to an Ethiopian goat who accidentally helped discover coffee… who would’ve known!


  5. Roy Chan

    I’m a local Singaporean and I work at United Square (which is nearby this restaurant). Personally, I find the food at Clue-Less Goat to be tasty, but a bit pricey, and the portions to be rather small. Hence, my colleagues and I have only been here once, and we usually lunch elsewhere around the area (but typically, the local food places). Anyway, I’m writing because I’m curious whether you might have explored the other similar sandwhich-coffee places near your area. I mean, at Novena Square/Velocity there are quite a number of other similar options. 🙂


    1. Hi Roy, Thanks for reading. My prerequisites for a café are (number 1!) good coffee, has high chairs for my 1.5 year old and open at 8am (kids are up early), hence why Clue-Less Goat is on a very short list in the area! Most places aren’t open at this time and don’t have good coffee 😉


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