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My SG50 Singapore Fashion Runway

As a lover and follower of fashion I was lucky enough to score an invite to the second instalment of the SG50 Singapore Fashion Runway last weekend. An hour long showcase celebrating the best in local independent fashion labels and a platform for emerging designers to experience the runway, this was the must see event for those looking to experience fashion, Singapore style.

This event all came to fruition through the drive and passion of local fashion darling, Eileen Yap, owner and designer of label Noel Caleb. Eileen brought together 125 models (a number of which were children), 20 local labels and a number of fledging designers for this one of a kind event. Eileen’s objective through this event and the future SG50 Singapore Fashion Runway events is to highlight Singaporean culture and heritage and to start a meaningful dialogue to determine Singapore’s fashion identity.

It was a beautiful night on klapsons Hotel rooftop. The area was packed, the audience an eclectic mix of local fashionista’s, photographers, and a couple little girls out for a special night with their Dads. A throwback to fashion from the past, mummy and child fashion, sportswear, menswear, corporate dress and evening gowns, the night was a diverse mix of fashion, style and fabrics.

The standout of the night for me was a gorgeous full length grey satin evening dress, designed by Raye Padit, surprisingly part of the ‘Aspiring Designers’ showcase. Definitely a name to watch out for in the future. 1214 Alley showcased some boldly printed shift dresses, flattering, easy to wear, perfect for the modern corporate woman. Noel Caleb kicked off the runway with some fun and flirty 60’s inspired wear.

DSC03970 (2) DSC03443 (2)

I’ve also fallen in love with a local kids swimwear label – Frolik. Lovely bright prints, cute boardies, swimmers and rashies for boys and girls.

DSC03420 (2)

As an Aussie expat living in Singapore, it was such a fantastic event and opportunity for me to become educated on Singapore fashion, designers and the fashion community here. The next instalment of SG50 Singapore Fashion Runway showcasing sportswear will continue on 18th-19th September at Singapore Expo Hall. All the details are here.

Happy SG50 Fellow Fashionistas!

DSC03899 (2)

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My Singapore Fashion Week

This is the first year I was able to experience Fashion Week in Singapore. Last year, recently relocated and still adjusting to life here, with a new baby and a 2 year old, going out at night and attending glamorous (or any!) events was extremely low on my exhausted list of priorities (which mainly consisted of try to get some sleep, drink coffee, repeat). This year I was lucky enough to attend two of the headline fashion shows for SG FW 2015. Diane von Furstenberg and, my favourite Australian designer Dion Lee.

Oh, and I should add, I didn’t merely attend DVF’s show. I somehow managed to obtain a front row seat, sitting amongst the fabulous Singapore Glitterati. There were DJ’s, models, fashion designers (Thakoon!) fashion bloggers, TV stars, socialites… and me.

DVF is without a doubt a fashion icon, an inspiration for aspiring designers and above all else an astute business woman. It is over 40 years since her first wrap dress made her famous, and is still worn by women all over the world. Fitting, then, that her show opened with a 2015 black and white take on her original iconic design. The show itself saw beautiful lace gowns, fabrics in deep reds, blacks, whites, appliqued flowers and polka dots adding some interesting touches. An electric blue power suit for the modern woman, flirty feminine cocktail dresses; this was a show I expected from DVF.

Fast forward to the following night – a very different crowd of people at Dion Lee. A younger, edgier set were out to see the best (in my humble opinion), most original designer to come out of Australia in the last decade. I first heard of Dion Lee back in 2009, flicking through a Vogue where they ran his profile. In 2012 and at 24 years of age, he made his mark on the world stage as the International Woolmark prize winner for the Australian region. Since then he has gone from strength to strength, showing at Australia, London, New York and now Singapore fashion weeks.

The show itself was impeccable. Edgy suits tailored to perfection. Gorgeous jewel toned dresses, buttery leather skirts, delicate satin netting, this collection was sublime in its artistry. If only I had the remote chance of an occasion to wear white satin trousers or an emerald green satin evening gown!

And now that fashion week is over, I am back to the reality of Mumma life with my two monkeys. Feeding the fish at the Botanic Gardens. Eating all the croissants we can find. Putting the heels and hot pink lipstick away for the much more appropriate black Cons and grey t-shirt. Until next year, that is.

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Mumma Neo life. No Mumsy Allowed.

There are two little monkeys who consume the better part of my energy every day. Xavier (3) and Marcel (11 months). To say I’ve learnt a lot over the past 3 years would be an understatement. I’ve learnt I have patience I never knew an impatient person such as me could have. I learnt what is important and what isn’t. I’ve learnt that sleep is something I will forever be chasing (for me and those two kiddos!). I’ve never laughed or cried so much. I’ve realised that life couldn’t get any better. I’ve learnt that I have undeniably changed from the person I was before kids. And I’ve learnt even with all this change to my being, I am still me. And as important as it is to care for the needs and wants of my family, my needs and wants are important too. For my own well-being as well as theirs.

The best advice I can give any new parent is to always try to find time for yourself. For something you enjoy. For me, in the early days with one bubs, that could merely be a square (or four, who am I kidding!) of chocolate and a flick through Vogue when Xavier was napping. Sometimes it was a pedicure. Sometimes it was a coffee and banana bread at our local café on my own. Sometimes it was an hour watching my guilty pleasure – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (no judgements!). It could be a night out with my girlfriends. Date night with my husband. Whatever was possible to ensure I could still feel like ME whilst looking after my little humans.

I have also learnt that there are some things from your before kids life you can enjoy together. The morning café ritual still continues for me, sometimes on my own, but a lot of the time with one or both of the boys. We order a flat white and babycino. Xavier colours and puzzles. Marcel flirts with the wait staff. I take a gratuitous pic of their cuteness on my iPhone. And its great.

And I have found it therapeutic to still, every morning, make an effort with my ‘mum’ outfit. Today it’s a printed Tshirt. Drop crotch pair of shorts. Denim vest. Newbark loafers. Comfortable, practical, but still kind of on trend. No Mumsy allowed. And I still feel like me.

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Fashion. And my first True Love.

It all began in 2006. After graduating from Uni in ’05, I moved a year later from Hobart to Sydney (bright lights, big smoke, new ME!), working as a legal recruiter. A few months into my new gig, my first ever bonus. From memory it was about four grand. And for a 23 year old used to making peanuts, I thought all my Christmases and birthdays had come at once. I paid my credit card debt, (moving was expensive..), was thinking I’d bank the rest, when is dawned on me. My first guilt free chance to shop.

I’d always been a lover of fashion, a lover of sales, and liked looking different from the regular uni/work girl (I went through a phase my girlfriends still tease me about, wearing around 4 necklaces at once, I thought the layering and play with colours interesting… maybe not my best fashion choice). But my decision to move out of home when I was 18 meant most of my cash was spent on rent, food, play. Not so much left over for indulgence, other than the requisite Vogue and a wishlist as laughable as my chances of making their pages as a model (I’m 5’3” on a big hair day.). I still managed a couple trips to the fashion mecca (in my mind) Sydney in my uni days (Wayne Cooper sale with $50 white silk trousers… never regretted that decision!), but had never been in a position to drop serious cash on one buy.

I loved to spend my weekends ambling down Crown Street, Oxford Street, dropping in and out of the eclectic mix of shops, staring dreamily in the windows of Belinda’s and Collette Dinnigan (I adore her and the day she retired her line was a sad day for the Aussie fashion industry). Touching the fabrics. Just a little bit. Not spending too long in the shops as I felt like an imposter and at any moment the jig would be up and someone would sending me packing “You don’t belong here you broke ninny”.

But suddenly, with my big fat bonus banked, I had a chance to hand over a debit rather than credit card. I DID belong. Money talks.

So instead of doing what most girls would do, buy a pair of Louboutins (they would come later), a Prada or Chanel handbag. I bought a pair of Marc Jacobs pumps.

Marc Jacobs was my first true (fashion) love. I felt that he as a designer, honestly understood where I was coming from in my fashion choices (I loved colour, making a statement. Black was not yet a part of my wardrobe). He took risks, he embraced colour, androgyny, his clothing wasn’t too sexy for a short 23 year old with tomboyish leanings. He GOT me. So, my first big fashion buy was a pair of MJ pumps. They were bright orange pair with green details and cream suede accents. Of course. And I loved them. And still do.

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